SUP PRINCESSES?? So before I start doing posts of my actual clothes, I wanted to do another post about the style that I love ❤ <3. However, this time, rather than on a celebrity, I’m going to show you my favourite style inspiration from film/tv shows.

Nowadays, film crews have access to such a variety of costumes and technology that the on-screen wardrobes have become more and more intricate and effective. However, in my opinion, the most memorable costumes are those which perfectly reflect the character’s personality. Furthermore, (and I’m sorry I haven’t been more adventurous in this post), almost all of these examples are from the 90s. This is the era of fashion I find the most quirky and unique and it is therefore the one that I’m drawn to. Also I think this fashion era is the one that reflects my personal style most closely. So without further ado, here are a few of my fave on-screen style icons!!

(Note these aren’t in any particular order.)


Obviously, Cher HAD had to be on this list. She’s my no 1 go-to gal to look to for style inspo. Her look is always so preppy and she completely captures the essence of the 90s ‘good-girl’ style for me. She has such unique pieces (e.g her beret) which I would never be able to pull of, yet she does so with confidence and grace. I’m in LOVE with her headband collection and her classic TO DIE FOR plaid mini skirts. And let’s not forget that she’s the one that started the whole white tee under a tank top combo!? Furthermore, her and Dione practically invented the #twinning trend.

(Also who hasn’t dreamt of her amazing computer-generated revolving wardrobe?!!)

NB: I just wanted to say that I love Cher’s style so much, I dressed up as her for Halloween!!


This wardrobe stands out a bit from my other picks. Whereas most of the others compose of 90s or grunge looks, this is a bit more contemporary. Nonetheless, I think this is one of the shows with the sickest wardrobe of all time!! I love the concept of the  clique (reminiscent of ‘Mean Girls’) wearing completely coordinated pieces! The pastel blues and pinks are so cute and this paired with the frequently worn fur and pearls, make these outfits look classy af. Also, having the name CHANEL!?? HELLO?? DREAM NAME OR WHAT!! No wonder she’s such a diva.



YES, I LOVE THIS FILM!! Ok, other than the fact that this film includes the two loves of my life (Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt <3), I’m obsessed with both Kat and Bianca’s looks. I have to say the wardrobe designer for this film, absolutely KILLED IT!! I think the main reason that I like this wardrobe so much is that it’s insane how  much Kat and Bianca’s clothes reflect their personalities. Bianca always looks so innocent in her floral dresses and pastel cardigans, whereas Kat’s grunge, ‘I don’t give a s***’, look is literally goals!! This film also includes some 90s staples, including the classic platform flip-flops (why haven’t these made their comeback already!??) , camo tank top and the pearl choker!!


Although this is quite a depressing film, the style moments are CRAZY GOOD!! The clothes truly reflect the nature of the film; they almost seem sad, if you get me??! They’re very washed out and the minimal pastel colours combined with the soft ruffles give the clothes a vintage feel. Kristen Dunst looks so delicate in these clothes and, overall, the clothes are really effective in the context of the film. Also I LOVE Josh Hartnett’s hair in this film!!


I’m ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with Julie’s staple mod-style 60s sunglasses (approved by Kurt Cobain) in this film, I just think they’re so out there and very groovy. Also Rebecca Gayheart’s staple gold hoop earrings and chain are VERY 90s and I’m so glad that this look has made it’s long-awaited comeback. I also think the pastel colours in this film (as you can probably tell I’m a huge fan of pastels) are sick, and as I mentioned in my last post, I love the look of the clique in their all (colour) matching outfits, and, as you can see, they’re killing it.


Lastly, it’s the one of a kind style icon… Mathilda. Her wardrobe is the ultimate grunge girl’s dream. Young Natalie Portman looks stunning in this role despite the fact that she plays an extremely dysfunctional 12 year old. Her 90s grunge staples of the thick black sun choker, army bomber jacket (which has made a MAJOR comeback), round-rimmed sunglasses and the slick black bob, are all very nostalgic. She looks a bit ‘rough around around the edges’ but that’s what makes this look cool, she looks like she’s just thrown these outfits together, (although I’m sure the wardrobe department for this film slaved away for hours to come up with these looks)!!

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Although it’s only February (and it’s -5 degrees where I am!!), I thought I’d give some inspo looking ahead to summer, to cheer myself (and you) up and to keep myself going through these dismal months. Here are a few things to inspire you that I’m obsessed with at the moment: soft lingerie worn as clothing, ombre/frosted lips, ribbed everything, latex everything (especially thigh high boots), bold, girly nails, statement wide-brimmed hats, jet black, wet-looking hair, silk trousers, the ‘tennis girl’ look, outfits which are totally colour matching.

Upon reflection, I now see that I’m pretty much obsessed with all things Y2K!!

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It’s my first post and so that you can get a feel for what kind of style I like, I thought I would give homage to my all time style icon: Rihanna (aka Riri, aka badgal).

Ok, so if someone asked me who I thought was the singular person who absolutely killed it style-wise, I would 100% say that it was without a doubt, Rihanna. She has been my no. 1 style icon for many years now, and I’ve loved watching her style continuously evolve over the years. I think that she is so fearless when it comes to her style and that’s how I aspire to be with mine. She has very quirky pieces in her wardrobe which are unique to her; you would never see them on anyone else, anywhere else. She has some absolutely outrageous pieces that would look ridiculous on anyone else (like her incredible oversized baby pink puffa), yet somehow she always manages to pull them off and look badass!! And then, in 2016, just when I thought she couldn’t do any better regarding fashion, she announced her collab with Puma! I’m literally obsessed; I think the fur sliders are a really cute, girly spin on a classic and the creepers are a timeless piece which you can pair with almost anything, I live in mine!! I also saw her live last summer and she was incredible!! As per usual she looked so sick and was wearing a MISBHV black latex jacket which I’m in love with (and am saving up for – they still have it in stock online!) and she absolutely killed it both fashion-wise and singing. Whether it be at the Met Gala in a ballgown or at the airport in trackies, she always looks like a princess, so that’s why I just want to say, thank you Rihanna for gracing us with your fashion presence, I love u!!!! xoxo

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